Friday, July 20, 2012

Mainstraming Yoga N Ayurveda mission

After a long time on blog.
I have founded my dream project (Pranav Yoga Ayurveda Healthcare) last year and completed one year on 10 july 2011 with launching of new updated web
and some targets:
20 School Workshops.
20 College Workshops.
20 Workshops/Cams with organizations
200 Home Herbal Gardens
10,000 Constitution Analysis.
50 Articles in Media
50 Videos on thoughts on "Pranav"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


गिरीश जी जोशी की कविता की दो पंक्तिया
मर गए सारे लोग देश के बचे हैं खाली वोट
चालबाज़ सब नौकर चाकर मालिक आधे भोंट

पूरी कविता के लिए संपर्क करे
श्री जोशी जी आर्य समाज हिरन मगरी सेक्टर ४ उदयपुर

Thursday, December 17, 2009



Udaipur is one of the hottest tourist destination in the world called through different names"Venis of east" "City of lakes" "Mini Kashmir" "Fountain city".

A number of tourist every year visit the city which is also popular among hollywood & bollywood bigwigs a lot of movies(Hollywood, Bollywood, Rajasthani, Regional) have been picturised here.

You have so much to see here ,Lakes ,temples,bazars,the forts,the monuments,the museums,the parks,wild life,all have an everlasting impact.

Udaipur is tourist friendly city bcoz of its rich herritage culture and it's crafts ,miniature and above all bcoz of people who live here,Udaipurites (Mewari) are famous for their tourist friendly behaviour.

Tourist get excellent facilities and so the lake city attracts a lot of tourists from abroad & India every year.

It is said that whoever visited india and didn't visited Rajasthan specially Udaipur ,didn't visit India.He have been missed heaven on earth.

Major attractions of city are......................

Lakes : Fatehsagar,Pichola,Swaroop sagar, Badi talab, Dudhtalai,Udaisagar,T.D.dam

Fourts & Monuments City palace,Fateh prakash palace,Jagmandir,Lake palace,Bagore ki haveli,Moti magari,Sajjangarh,Maharana memorial

Arts & Culture : Shilpa gram, Bhartiya-loka-mandal,Bagore ki haveli

Temples :Jagdish mandir,Ekling ji ,Shreenath ji,Nathdwara

Musuems : City museum,Shilpagram,Aahar

Parks : Sahelio ki bari,Motimagari (Maharana Pratap Memorial)
Gulab-bagh with zoo & Children train

Wild life : Sajjangarh sanctuary,Kumbhalgarh sanctuary, Baghdara nature park,Sitamata

Fairs & Festivals : Shilpgram fair,Mewar festival,Gangaur festival,Teej

Lakes near Udaipur Jaisamand lake,Rajsamand lake

Sight seeing/Near Udaipur
Kumbhalgarh fort,Haldighati,Ranakpur,Chittorgarh,Ghanerao, Nathdwara,Ekling ji,Bassi........

Including all of these vintage & classic car collection(Garden Hotel),Dudhtalai,Swaroopsagar ,Crystal gallery,(Fatah prakash mahal)Durbar hall(Fateh prakash mahal),Sukhariya circle,Hariyali amavasya fair(At Fateh-Sagar lake)Arawali vatika,bazars,crafts..............have magnetic attractions.

International Airport & National & State Highways connectivity ,Palace on wheel connectivity & Broadgadge Railway connectivity ,all makes your tour friedndly

For more details on Udaipur log on to Rajasathan tourist website & Udaipur district website.



Our special Programmes

1. Yoga for children
2. Yoga for women
3. Yoga for Pregnant ladies
4. Yoga for Spinal cord
5. Yoga for Diabetes
6. Yoga for Renal diseases
7. Yoga for Obesity
8. Yoga for hypertension / High blood pressure
9. Yoga for Musculoskeletal disorders
10. Yoga for Heart diseases
11. Yoga for Childless couples
12. Yoga for Asthma
13. Yoga for Cancer
14. Yoga for eye diseases
15. Yoga for Skin diseases
16. Yoga for Piles & constipation
17. Yoga for Stomuch ailments
18. Yoga for Migraine & epilepsy
19. Yoga for Jaundice & Hepatitis
20. Yoga for Parkinson & paralysis
21. Yoga for Various ailments
22. Yoga for Sports medicines
23. Yoga for Self realization

(1)Yoga for children

Special programme for 3-15 year children
Special asans for children’s height increasement and complete yoga for healthy ,smart, fit & attractive personality for your child
Solutions of problems like concentration memory, sight weakness, general weakness, obesity, bed wetting ,tonsils, epistaxsis with a commentary touching to your heart to make your baby ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,characteristic, healthy, intelligent
With continue tuning this yoga programme ; your child will be away from consumeric culture and will be a great personality of world by harmony with greatest Indian culture & life values.

(2)Yoga for women

Yoga for irregularity in harmones & menstrual cycle, acne, pimples, spots & wrinkle on face ,hair problems ,anemia, uterine & ovarian disease height & obesity.
All females like healthy beautiful, attractive, fit, figure, glory on face, black hairs, blushy face.
You will get an attractive figure as well as get good solutions of problems like depression, thyroid ,dental disorders, uterine & ovarian disorders through our this yoga package.
Most of females are to face haemoglobin deficiency, obesity, dandruff, glasses on face ,acne & pimples, hair loss, whitening of hairs ,less height, our will get relaxation in most of above problems through our kind endeavor.

(3)Yoga for pregnant women

Methods of asans ,micro exercises,& pranayams for pregnant ladies.
If you want be a mother of healthy, strong, intelligent, charcterfull, meritorious,child then follow our yogasans with dedication & manually & realize the “Sanskars”
You will be away from being a mother of mongoloid ,handicapped, mentally disable, ill child through regular practice of pranayam.
You can get the solution of common problem in pregnancy like depression ,High blood pressure,obesity,thyroid,asthama,arthritis,vomiting,diahorrea,back-ache, through our this programme.
Yoga gives strength to ectoderm, mesoderm & endoderm of child so your child will get proper development.

(4)Yoga for spinal cord

Very well experienced & proved treatment of back-ache, cervical spondylitis, sciatica pain, slip disc, lumber spondylitis etc spinal cord diseases through asans , pranayams ,acupressure & ayurveda treatments.
Yogasans are only way to cure spinal cord diseases.
Most of surgeries of spinal cord are not fully successes, you may be life long paralyses by a small mistake and then your life will be spoiled /hell.
You will get definitely very good results in back-bone problem through our this special programme dedicated to back-bone disorders, only you are to be awarded for cautions & methods addressed by ours and be dedicated to yogasans & take treatment regularly.

(5) Yoga for diabetes

Treatments of diabetes and bad effects of post complications of diabetes through traditional way
What should be the diet regimen and daily regimen of diabetics?
What are the cautions for diabetes?
Answers of all firing questions like this
The ………….of diabetes is …………around the world, Insulin may help you enough in controlling diabetes but yoga is only way to avoid complications of diabetes.
Your diabetes will being controllers naturally through this package, you should be touched continuously with your physician and drop medicines steadily after pathological investigations.

(6) Yoga for Renal diseases

It is common know a day of kidney failure due to kidney stone, shrinking of kidney(kidney shrinkage) diabetes ,High blood pressure. Yogic treatment of kidney failure, kidney stone.
Today crores of people of world are suffering from threatening kidney disorders due to lack of exercise of kidney & liver with drinking less water , excessive medicines ,excessive taking of acidic materials ,and increasing diabetes complication.
Kidney transplantation is only option after few days life defense through dialyses.
Make your life & your family’s life happy by adopting the programme which gave benefits to a no. of peoples.

(7)Yoga for obesity

Treatment of diseases like obesity & post complication of obesity like heart diseases, diabetes, back & joint pain, depression, tension, stress, heart attack.
Obesity is the problem of more then 100 crore peoples including 20 % to 40% youngsters and 10%to20% children.
You will be beneficial to get knowledge of information of curing obesity generated by carbonated cold drinks, fast – food culture, lack of lab our or due to heredity of due to any other reason by a well trained trainer with unique harmless & universal method.
No. of peoples loss their weight by adopting these type of programmes .
They do not less their weight only, but also their was not looseness in muscles ,you will increase glow on your face ,confidence in every aspect and by continue practicing your weight will be maintained.

(8) Yoga for high blood pressure

Effective treatment of high blood pressure generated due to any reason through traditional method of pranayam & meditation.
You can control high blood pressure with allopathic treatment but you will be always away from permanent solution but you will not only get control on high blood pressured but also get full solution & permanent cure by our special programme centered to cure high blood pressure.

(9)Yoga for Musculoskeletal disorders

Rheumatic arthritis ,joint pain, gout, osteoporosis, inflammation in joints, bone enlargement, increased uric acid, increased ESR,RA positive ,has been big problem on today ,easy & simple endaveaur to free from these problems
Joint pain relieving allopathic drugs(Painkillers ,analgesics) may hazards but use of methi, haldi, soth, ashwagandha described in ayurveda texts are harmless & scientific treatment .So get your health yourself by adopting cheap ,simple, easy, effective crores of years old therapy.

(10)Yoga for Heart diseases

Effective treatment of heart blockage ,arrhythmia, heart enlargement, angina, less working capacity of heart, valvular disorder ,irregular lipid profile.
In this programme ,we described the methods of controlling fast growing problem of cardiac disorders, If your friend ,relative or any nearest is suffering from heart diseases, you can make their life happy & prosperous by delivering this programme to them with the help of ours.

(11)Yoga for childless couples

Yogic & ayurvedic treatment of problems like azuspermia, irregular menstrual cycle, tumor in ovary or uterus, constriction of fallopian tubes or frequently miscourage ,infertility.
If you are not being a mother due to miscourage, abortion, premature delivery then please adopt this progrmme for a single time with complete faith & believes.
It will reform the oogenessis (ovulation) process by giving strength to ovary and normalizing the harmones
If you are away from childhappines due to azuspermia & sexual weakness in male & disturbed menstrual cycle or constricted tubes or cyst in ovary in female or due to another clinical reasons or some times all clinical findings are normal but you are away from childhappines then by adopting these natural ,simple ,non complicated methods & by god’s blessing & our wishes your darken life will light up.

(12)Yoga for Asthma

Mixed treatment with different different alternative pathies of respiratory diseases, sinusitis, allergic, rhinitis, bronchitis, polyps, catarrh, common cold ,allergy.
Due to increasing pollution, dietetic incompatibility, environment changing, heredity………so many persons are suffering from these diseases, by adopting presented methods a lot of people got relaxation & a misconception that “nek ne ds lkFk ds lkFk feVsxk” prooved wrong.

(13)Yoga for cancer

Cause of death of 60 lakh persons per year is cancer
We complete endeavor with hard work in our programme to adopt the experienced knowledge & results got by yoga therapist & vaidhyas by treating thousands of cancer patients.
Thousands of patients got benefits with continue practicing yoga & ayurveda .Whatever knowledge & results we collected from various sources we tried to adopt
Lakhs of cancer patients are frustrated even after radiation, chemotherapy, operation or allopathic treatment they are dying with cancer and their families are getting pressured with burden of borrowed money. cancer is reoccurring in 50% to 90 % cases. Just only one time wake up with enthusiasm & confidence ,You are requested to follow our experienced way of yoga pranayam and ayurveda for better life as normal person. You have experienced so many thin but haven’t result ,lets experience to us for single time ,give a chance to treat to you and feel the happiness in your frustrated life.

(14)Yoga for eye diseases

Treatment of problem like glasses on eye ,glaucoma ,cataract, night blindness, double vision, colour vision, Problem of retina& cornea ,lack of tears,allergy,continoue watering from eyes.
A small endeavor to break says like “glass on eyes or cataract can’t be treated without operation” with methods to make you complete free from eye disorders and way of life to live longer with bright sight ness.
Please adopt our this programme if you don’t want to see your children loaded with heavy glasses on their eyes.

(15) Yoga for Skin diseases

Psoriasis , eczema , leucoderma, acne ,pimples ,itching , etc skin disorders practical treatment.
More then 15 crore in world and 2 crore in India are suffering with skin diseases like psoriasis , eczema and other skin disorders , there is no permanent cure of diseases like psoriasis in allopathy but psoriasis and eczema patients got expected benefits with pranayam and naturopathies.
Make the skin diseases rootless by adopting our programme & avoiding over excitement, angriness , stress , fast food , cold drinks ,dietetic incompatibility.

(16) Yoga for piles & constipation

Ideas of treating – never curable disease to more then 100 crore peoples of world ;constipation & it’s complications like piles, gas , anorexia, laziness
, weakness, head-ache.
Every second person have abdominal ailments .some one have anorexia, another one gas. Some one have acidity another have piles, root cause of it , is constipation, mild constipation have most of peoples and they wastage their time with confusion in latrines ,some person have great constipation so they can’t use their time and energy ,positively & creatively. They get direct loss in their self productivity & work capacity.
Even the person who never got the clarity of abdomen in their life ,will get good results in constipation & its complications viz piles ,gastric trouble ,anorexia, head-ache, laziness, weakness etc
But very important condition is devotion & faith in yoga & god with believes in yoga & regularity is must .

(17)Yoga for stomach ailments(GIT disorders)

Treatment of ulcer ,acidity , colitis, & inflammation in intestine.
Acidity ,ulcers, anorexia , indigestion, weakness, headache & haemoglobinimia all are the results of dietetic incompatibilities , non vegetarian. liquor , cold drinks ,spicy food , excessive tea, coffee & tobacco, oily & fried materials and allopathy have only symptomatic relief but no permanent cure.
You will be succeed in getting effective precautions (prophylaxis) and treatment of stomach ailment by method , described by us.
This programme is devoted to inspiration of living healthy, longer, happy & prosperous life.

(18)Yoga for migraine & epilepsy

yoga is a boon for incurable diseases like head-ache ,migraine, epilepsy.
We will describe the ideas to relieve from normal head-ache to thereaten migraine in presented programme .
You will be free from epileptic pits by (up to) 1 year practicing of pranayam & non side effective treatment of ayurveda .
And important thing that you will be away from mental retardation (epilepsy brings mental retardation).

(19)Yoga for Jaundice & Hepatitis

Treatment of threatening disease like hepatitis A,B,C ,Liver cirrhosis.
Crore of peoples are experiencing threatening liver disorders by taking continuous liquor , cold drinks ,or excessive use of fried materials or due to genetic causes.
We believe that ray of expectations will rise in the life of frustrated persons & families with blessings of god through our special programmes.
A false confusion is spread in modern medical science that hepatitis and liver cirrhosis can’t be treated and they do not have permanent cure to it.
But by the heritage knowledge of yoga & aurveda as a result of continuous researches of saint & rishies , exciting results has been got by various yoga therapist & Vaidhyas.At the base of results got by patients it has been proven that threatening diseases like hepatitis & liver cirrhosis is curable.

(20)Yoga for Parkinson & paralysis

Treatment of tremors , Parkinson, paraplegia, paralysis, polio, weakness, clots in brain & nerves.
Successful treatment of Parkinson, paralysis as a resultant of irregular blood pressure ,excessive stress, excessive medicines, or heredity through pranayam & naturopathy.
Some Parkinson & paralyzed patients get results soon & some in 1 year or more then 1 year ,that’s why strong will power & strong determination , continue struggle & struggle based yogasans lead to definate success.

(21)Yoga for Various ailments
Treatment of pyreia, fileria , varicose veins ,articaria, worms, gangrenes, cough ,ear & teeth ache , tumors, prostate ,lack of platelets.

(22)Yoga for Sports medicines

Your respiration controls by yoga, pranayam. Yoga can give important contribution in training programmes; Yoga-pranayam may ideal exercise for players.

By lessing the muscular tone, it’s flexibility and movement can be increased by practicing yoga & pranayam ,Yogasans can perform important role in balancing practices.

Balancing has important role on maximum games , Mental & physical imbalance can be removed by pranayam, Positive effects have been seen in weigh, BMI Fat% ,Max pulse , pulmonary function test lipid profile ,renal function test through yoga & pranayam.



With an increasing consciousness to befit and healthy ,more and more people are hitting the gym these days but in gyms we can only improve our physical health that's also not guaranted that we will gain or not gain.

Another important thing to be thought that we can see in our daily life that good body builders ,in their older age have great problem of Joint pain, body ache and they suffer from various physical problem specially in humidityfull atmosphere(rainy season) means the health which they gained in their youngerhood becomes a problem in older age even they can not take a proper sleep.

Apart of all above ,In yoga it gives us over all growth means it fulfils the World Health Oraganisation's Healthy indivisual definition (Health is a state of complete physical ,mental,social,spiritual wellbeing and not to merely the absence of disease or illness.)
Yoga help us in wellbeing of our physical,mental,spiritual and social state

And also yoga have not complete age limitations(It has age limitations in particular asans & yogic practices only) but we have another options in yoga itself of avoiding age limitations.Like in older age pranayam,Yoga nidra,meditative asans ,sukshma asans are very very beneficial.

Hard physical exercises in older age may lead to dangerous disturbunces to health but yoga & pranayam (Under observation of well trainer) leads us to live a golden older age as Youngstars.


Physical exercise is leisure activity & also complicated for older adults , yoga is better alternative of this.

Physical exercises are time consuming & require some sources to do exercise whereas yoga is cheaper luxury.

Yoga is to function as stress buster .

It is very beneficial in psychosomatic disorders

It is able to cure all types of disorders.


If yoga by itself can be the best medicine , then what miracles could a cocktail of laughter , yoga stretches exercises & meditation being forth the older or adults who are caught in the clutches of depression , loneliness and worthlessness yoga therapy can overcome all these & make them happiest person.

& We avails you a very good yoga therapist



Before practicing yoga there are some important instructions which always be followed. By following these instructions we can get expected profits of yoga ,be awared from possible side effects. so these should be always kept in mind during & before practicing Yoga.

Physical state of sadhaka(Yoga practitioner)
(Body Temperature, Blood pressure, Any diseased condition)

Age limitations

Practice placeAge limitationsv

Clothes(Dressing kit)


Some miscellaneous restrictions

Proper time(duration & point of time)

Ans a lot of instructions..............



Yoga is........

........To make you disease & medicine free through a scientific approach on the knowledge base of our great saints & sages viz Maharshi Patanjali, Maharshi Charaka, and Maharshi Sushruta.

.......To make your body a peaceful & tranquil place by using Yogic technique to eradicate fatal effect of medicines and weapons.

.......To be tune with nature of supreme reality

Everyday people are reporting their wonderful experiences on health benefits of Yoga, the transformation of being, taking you beyond the here and now. In one wonderful session of Yoga, people get to practice a number of things, some Yoga poses (asanas) breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and chanting. In Yoga you get to learn basic terms like Mudras, Bandhas and Chakras. Best of all, Yoga is fun and relaxing while, at the same time, being delectably challenging to beginners

The intermediate and advanced students, who insist on continuing their practices, get more and more of the taste of this great 5000+ year old wondrous way of life. Yoga is for the body, mind and spirit. You learn to use your body, breath and mind to stretch, relax and energize yourself. So get up and go! Yoga is all about feeling good; feel the blood surging through your veins, the energy pulsating through your nerves, the bliss coursing through your whole being
Best of all, Yoga is opt for all, regardless of age, color, caste, creed or religion; from the healthiest to the sickest, from the richest to the poorest, from the whitest to the blackest.

Benefits of Yoga Brings down stress and enhances powers of relaxation,Boosts physical strength, stamina and flexibility ,Bestows greater powers of concentration and self control ,Inculcates impulse Control ,Helps in rehabilitation of old and new injuries ,Intensifies tolerance to pain and enhancing mental clarity ,Boosts functioning of the immune system ,Enhances posture and muscle tone ,Improves blood circulation ,Results in healthy, glowing skin ,Cleanses and improves overall organ functioning ,Bestows peace of mind and a more positive outlook to life ,Infuses a sense of balance and internal harmony

Why Yoga on today................

• All of us wish to live a longer life without medication & disease but we never thought about last 20 years of Life by spending our whole life income or debits on MRI , X-Rays , CT-SCANs, Angioplasties, By pass surgeries, Hip & Knee replacements, Chemotherapies, Radiation therapies,....................etc ,How we can we imagine a better life, we can only imagine for waiting death on a hospital bad by taking a lot of medicines, investigations and kindness of others....................(in last 20 years of life)

• Who wishes not to recognize his family ,Children & grandchildren in older life by suffering from disease like Alzimers, Dementia...............

• Who wishes to live longer older life struggling with back-ache ,Joint pain ,Arthritis, Asthma, osteoporessis, Mental disorders............
.....................No one wishes to live like this ,that's why ,we should add Yoga as a part of our life that makes us free from all above conditions & gives us a life better then best.

Best of all, Yoga is highly therapeutic. Some of the ailments proven to be relieved, reversed and even healed through the practice of Yoga are acidity , allergies, alzheimer disease, anemia, anger, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bronchitis, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, colitis, common cold, constipation, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, eye problems, facial wrinkles, gastro-intestinal disorders, headaches, heartburn, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, high blood pressure, hypertension, immune-deficiency, impotence, menopause, menstrual cramps, migraines, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, nervous tension, obesity, osteoporosis, prostate, enlargement, sciatica, skin problems, sleep apnea, slipped disk, sterility, stiffness, stress, insomnia, intoxication, thyroid problems, kidney stones, stuttering and stammering, urinary tract disorders for women, vaginal infections and many more...

We assure you that if you will practice yoga regularly u will be always away from all above conditions & will live with true Physical ,mental, social & spiritual health(According to World Health Organization "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.)
We assure you that after practicing yoga & Indian life style you will being always away from doing things wrong at your home, office.........or anywhere else in society.

So convert life into yoga, so that you may ensure success in all fields of activity. by regular practicing & using your presence of mind you can become a yogi & can enjoy peace & happiness of nature.